Friday, October 30, 2009

NFL Week 8 Fantasy Football 'The big let down' Blog

OK lets start with a little editorial this week, as you see in the above photo, the Dolphins just choked on a 21 point half time lead and let the once very claimable Drew Brees engineer a game winning drive on their ass's.

That's rite the Fins couldahad Brees twice and actually took a safety (Jamar Fletcher) over him a few short years ago...thanks Dave Wandstadt. Miami sure coulda used a ggod safety against the Saints last week. Just goes to show you that you need a good defense along with that top running game to win a championship or even to beat a 6-0 team. Miami shoulda beat the Saints, Colts and Chargers but hey....shoulda, woulda, coulda...

Now down to the NFL fantasy football studs and duds of the week:

stud: Matt Shaub, David Garrard and Donavan McNabb at the QB spot and D. Jackson, Sidney Rice, Kenny Britt, Nate Washington and Miles Austin are must start receivers with the running back must plays being Joseph Addai, Steven Jackson, Kevin Smith, Pierre Thomes DeAngello William and Beenie Wells.

Duds: Jamarcus Russel, Jake Delohme and Marc Buldger (ok add Fitpatrick to the QB sitt list). Donnie Avery, Steve Breaston, Nate Burleson and Michael Crabtree are flyers you should defininatly be grounding and the running back sitters this week are Westbrook, McGahee, Michael Bush, Tashard Choice and Chester Taylor.

Photo and blog by: Marc Serota/RRA Media

Ande Agassi you must be book tells of drug use..why now...MONEY? really?

Andre Agassi is coming out with a new book ok sounds good, but hmmmmmm now he is revealing that he used Crystal Meth for a period of time around the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and lied to the ATP after failing a drug test. He is now after all this time coming out with this and putting a black eye on the tennis world that served him, his wife and his family so well. I mean where was this admission when baseball players where being raked over the coles (and deservedly so) for there steroid abuse and NFL players are filling up prisons for vehicular homicide (well some only do 30 days) and other flaws in judgement.

I mean first off METH really???? isn't that a white trash cocaine? with all your money Andre the Great how about doing the real thing. Again why now....I'll tell you (probably 7 figures) and with you making 100 million in your career do you really need the money that badly now (if your Antoine Walker maybe). I just feel that a man in his position stood to gain allot more than money by coming clean when he actually went clean instead of setting the example that keeping quiet until after the 7 year statute of limitations by the ATP is up is a cowards way out. Looks like Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds are the only ones your setting an example for Andre.

photo and blog by Marc Serota/RRA

to see many of Agassi's career moments in photos go to:

Magic and Bird team up for NBA super book and RRA Media's Marc Serota was there for it all in new book by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

That's rite I was the photographer on this exiting project covering the course in history of the two men who saved the NBA and the game of basketball as we know it today. In a time when the league was fading and excitement was a distant memory along comes the Los Angeles lakers Star Magic Johnson and Boston Celtics great Larry Bird to bring their heated college rivalry to the NBA and create many years of exiting basketball. Before Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordon and after DR. J these two legends went toe to toe in the NBA finals over and over again.

They where not the closest of friends on the court but after retirement...they became very close and collaborated on this big with writer Jackie McMullen. Jackie and I spent time with Magic in Atlanta working on the book and it was so cool to not only photograph such a legend as he but to witness the interviews that created the upcoming book. I originally came up with the idea of putting these two guys together with a publisher friend of mine in Canada. We approached Magic in L.A. and worked very closely with Larry's agent to make this whole thing see fruition.

I must say I was intrigued when I heard Magic talking about Isaiah Thomas and the whole 'keeping him off the 1992 Dream team and the Olympics, and I personally never thought those comments would make it into print. Apparently that will all come out in the book and I myself am glad. Isaiah was coming from a space of ignorance when he spoke of Magic's sexuality and the Aids virus and it hurt Magic quite a bit. I myself believe in not keeping things inside...let it out and deal with it. I guess now after all these years Thomas is dealing with it rite along with Magic.

I was at Magic's Hall of fame induction where Larry Bird was asked to introduce Magic and I truly saw a warmth and friendship between these two mega stars and that felt good...especially after the rivalry on the is good to see that too these two icons of sport., it is only a game.

So lesson here is not just that Bob Greise and Isaih Thomas needs to watch what he says in the 21st century, but all those from the 20th century needed to watch what they said even then. Technology and our memories transcend the eras in which we live in and you defiantly can't run from the past. blog & photo of Jackie, Magic and Larry by Marc Serota/RRA Media

SEE GREAT PHOTOS of Magic and Bird at or just type in the box at the top right whatever your looking for.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week 7 NFL 'Loud Mouth' fantasy football studs & duds blog

The big studs this week are Matt Ryan, Sidney Rice, DeAngelo Williams and LT also in the mix as must starts are Miles Austin, Mike Wallace, Keenan Burton, Donald Brown, Breaston, Bowe, Jennings, Deshaun Jackson, Addai, Fagas, Chris Cooley, McNabb, Favre, Carson Palmer, Jay Cutler and Tashard Choice.

OK....start off with one big dud..we are still down on Mark Sanchez also sit both Chad Henne in Miami and Kurt Warner who is missing Bolden. Sanchez is suffering from confidence issues and Henne...well...widcat, Ronnie & Rickey...need I say more. other big sitters for this week are J. Lewis, S. Slayton, Mark Bulger Jake Dehome, Fitpatrick, Norwood, W. Parker, F. Jackson, Bengamin Watson and WR Braylon Edwards,

one editorial note for me is a big hell yeah for the NFL having the international game in London, England this season as the Olympics are there in 2012 and there is just a good fit for us to continue promoting our sports leagues in the U.K. The irony of it all is the the New England Patriots are taking on the Tampa Bay Bucs in a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party. Should be cool to see the old Patriots unis with the minute men on the helmets old school like taking on a team with a pirate on there uni and a sailing ship with canons in the end zone of the stadium back at their home.

finally in the DUD COACHES category if there were ever to be coaching points in fantasy football:

Being assigned to New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins NFL game tomorrow one big 'DUD' prediction for a potential Coaches category

Listen to this.....the Miami Dolphins passed on Drew Brees not once but twice. The first time Dave Wandstadt chose safety Lamar Fletcher over Brees in the first round, and the second time the Miami Dolphins passed on Drew Brees., Cam Cameron chose free agent Dante Cullpeper for a big money contract over Brees for what would have amounted to a bargain basement price. I will be sick to my stomach Sunday shooting on the sidelines of Landshark stadium if I have to photograph Brees driving up and down the field scoring on Miami to a win and a 6,000 yard passing season. It will just go to show how much both Wandstadt and Cameron destroyed Miami and left them in the cellar after Jimmy Johnson left. Don't forget Nick Saban who did more damage in one season then both the other dud coaches combined.
by Marc Serota

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rock Legends KISS and Buck Cherry 'rip it up' in Sunrise Florida

Even tho it was only half a KISS.....Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons ripped it up at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida tonight. They opened to the announcers famous words " You wanted the best - you got the best...The hottest band in the world...KISS' and straight into Detroit Rock City they went...then it was STRUTTER and on and on with awesome tunes from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today. The show had awesome stage and lights as well as the usual burning hot pyro.

I checked and KISS has played 35 times in 35 years in South Florida and I remember it like it was my first time. Well at least the show part. You see....when I was 14 and saw KISS for the first time my mom bought a trip package from Peaches Records to buss me to the old Hollywood Sportatorium (we called it the sporthole) This place was an old concrete building with no A/C, no chairs-general admission on the floor, and it had a wall with cut glass surrounding it and a moat...yes a moat. So I get to the show and the driver tells me to meet at the bus after the show...well I had so much fun rushing the stage and getting Gene Simmons fake blood on my shirt I came out late and couldn't find the bus. Needless to say they left me there and with no cell phones. I had to catch a ride with a strange and I got my ass kicked when I got home. Good times!!!!!

Anyway, Buck Cherry opened the show with All lit up again and played Highway Star by Deep was great. I love the old time rock bands bringing back the tours and kicking makes me feel young again....although the 50 somethings in tight jeans was a little gross. photos and blog by: Marc Serota / RRA

Sabres beat down the cats.......

The Buffalo Sabres needed only about 5 minutes to beat the struggling Florida Panthers on Wednesday night.
Mike Grier, Jason Pominville and Matt Ellis each scored early in the opening period to lift the Sabres to a 5-2 win over Florida.

Tyler Myers and Thomas Vanek also scored in the first for the Sabres (5-1-1), who opened a three-game road trip. Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, who hasn't lost in regulation this season, stopped 41 shots. Miller had the night off Saturday when Buffalo lost 4-2 to Atlanta.

"I was very impressed with the start," Miller said. "I think that everyone in the room recongized that our last home start wasn't what we wanted. We wanted to definitely come back and prove that we could bring our game together and not lose two in a row. That's going to be important over the course of a season."

Steve Reinprecht and Rostislav Olesz had goals for the Panthers (2-5-0).

Scott Clemmensen, who helped Florida snap a four-game skid with a win over Philadelphia last Friday, made his second straight start in goal for Florida, but didn't last long this time. He was replaced by Tomas Vokoun after giving up two goals on three shots in less than 2 minutes. Vokoun finished with 30 saves.

"That's the fastest I've ever been pulled," Clemmensen said. "It is what it is. I'm not going to let it bother me. I know when I let in good goals, bad goals, when my angle is off, those sorts of things. I'm old enough, I think I've got the right philosophy. There's not much you can do about it."

As it turns out, it was the fastest any Florida goalie has ever been pulled from a start in franchise history. Clemmensen's early departure at 1:56 in the first period beat a mark set by former Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo, who left a 2001 game after just 3:47 in the first because of an injury, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

"We needed a spark," Panthers coach Pete DeBoer said of the decision to pull Clemmensen. "It wasn't because of the play of the goaltender. We weren't ready to play. I tried to shock them into getting themselves back in the game. Sometimes those things work, sometimes they don't and obviously it didn't tonight."

Grier beat Clemmensen 1:11 into the first for his second goal of the season. Then, with Kamil Kreps in the penalty box for hooking, Pominville got a power-play goal just 45 seconds later to put the Sabres up 2-0 and chase Clemmensen.

"They were good goals," Clemmensen said. "On the first the guy is in all alone. On the scoreboard I saw three shots against. I didn't see the other two. The one save I made I didn't see it. On the second goal, I didn't even know where the puck was, let alone who shot it or what happened. I can't stop what I don't see. I don't think I let in two bad goals, they were two good goals."

Buffalo went up 3-0 at 4:37 in the first on Ellis' goal and Myers scored on a shot from the blue line at 10:20 in the opening period to give the Sabres a commanding four-goal lead.

With 5:49 left in the first, Reinprecht recorded Florida's lone goal of the period. An apparent goal by Reinprecht in the third period was disallowed because it was determined that the puck was knocked in with his hand.

"Whatever goals they score, we've got to bounce back," Florida left wing David Booth said. "We had chance to get back in the game, even down 3-0 and 4-1. We've got to do that if we expect to get back into games."

Buffalo scored again with 3:12 left in the opening period, when Vokoun landed on his back and slid into the net during a scuffle in front of the Panthers' goal. Vanek, who missed Buffalo's last two games with an upper-body injury, knocked the puck into the net to make it 5-1.

"There was no question on the work ethic in the game. I think we worked throughout the game," Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff said. "We didn't make a lot of good decisions at times, but I thought our work ethic was really good."

Olesz scored a power-play goal with 2:13 left in the third to make it 5-2.

NOTES: Buffalo went 3-1-0 against Florida last season. ... The Sabres face the Panthers three more times this season. The two teams next meet Nov. 18 in Buffalo. ... Buffalo LW Clarke MacArthur suffered from flulike symptoms earlier in the week and wore a surgical mask on the team's flight to South Florida, but was in Buffalo's starting lineup Wednesday.

Monday, October 19, 2009

NFL Wildcat Offense and running it rite - in Miami don't like it? TOUGH then stop it

If you think the wildcat offense that the Miami Dolphins run is a gimmick, a gadget, trickery, trickilation, a joke , an embarrassment, bad for the NFL, bad for mankind, bad for civilization or the cause of HINI influenza A. I have one thing to say and I will repeat it several times in this blog........Don't like it? TOUGH stop it!!!

That is correct....Don't like it? TOUGH stop it!!! I mean really doesn't it come down to that? It has been over a year since the New England Patriots and genius Bill Belichek were out played, out coached and beaten soundly by the Miami Dolphins using the wild cat...well...Don't like it? TOUGH stop it!!! many team and genius disciples have tried and still cannot. EVERYBODY has seen it by now and yet Rex Ryan and the daunted Baltimore Raves defensive scheme could not even slow it down. That alone should now qualify this as a staple in offenses to come and if you still don't believe it is legit than....Don't like it? TOUGH stop it!!!

If your two best athletes on your team are running backs Rickey Williams and Ronnie Brown than why on earth not try to create a scheme to play them both at the same time. Plus if you go from 1-15 to 11-5 and a division title in ONE YEAR than hmmmmm maybe just maybe these guys know what they are doing. still not a believer in the wildcat? and you don't like it? TOUGH stop it!!!

Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown photo in the New York Times and story written by Marc Serota/RRA Media

Thursday, October 15, 2009

#NFL week 6 Fantasy Football 'Studs & Duds' of the week

ok start with the NFL fantasy studs of the week, receivers Moss breaks out big as TO dons a dress and a wig. Start Walker from Jacksonville Jags and tight ends Shockey and Pettigrew....Maclin in Philadelphia is a must start along as well as Braylon Edwards in New York with Cotcherty ailing Edwards will be new go-to-guy for Mark Sanchez who by the way has turned my mind around. That is right - I said it -I was wrong about Sanchez.. play him if you own him as he is proving to be pretty darn good in his first year. Speaking of first year quarterbacks how bout Chad Henne in Miami...I know there on a bye but after that., start his ass as he has a really big upside (and arm) and can let people really see if Ted Ginn Jr. can be a starting receiver in the NFL.

Running backs - Mendehall and Benson are again must starts, but what to do about Willie Parker if he is healthy....hmmmm SIT HIM as well as any other Dallas Cowboy running back that is not named Tashard Choice. The Cowboys are so bad in general I wouldn't play any of them except maybe there only receiver Steve "million dollar man " Austin.

DUDS - Sit Percy Harvin as he is injured and had two top receivers in front of him along with running backs Cadillac Williams and Willis McGahee...Ray Ray (and I mean Rice not Leis) is playing out of his mind and will continue to do well.

Finally sleepers of the week include two quarterbacks Jason Campbell gets the QB friendly Chiefs (need I say more) and Kyle Orton is picking up his game in the last two weeks. last if not least if you haven't jumped back on the Carson Palmer and Matt Hassleback bandwagons do so now these guys are back! photo of Landshark Stadium site of the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl 2010 and blog by Marc Serota/

Rush Limbaugh gets a big NO THANKS Rammed down his throat by the NFL & St. Louis Rams turns there backs to him

OK here goes... I purposely waited until the St. Lois Rams considered Rush Limbaugh a "complication and a Distraction" enough to tell him no thanks to his bid to buy the NFL franchise St. Louis Rams. Better to move them back to Los Angela's and let Al Davis own the team than give it over to a blowhard and a hypocrite like Rush Limbaugh.

Rush you gotta be kidding., I mean what were you thinking attempting to drop your big fat hat into the NFL ownership ring? I think it was all a publicity stunt to increase his rating for his radio show and bring attention to himself. He cannot be that naive as to think people would stand by idly by and let him have the privilege of owning an NFL franchise. I mean does he suffer from memory loss (possible side effect to pain killer abuse), or does he just figure he is so important that people would ignore the things he has said and stood by in the past and say "oh well green money is good money mon"

Rush Limbaugh has the nerve to say "this is about the future of the United States of America" please give me a break. YES, EVERYBODY has the right to buy whatever they like in America and EVERYBODY can say what they like (almost) in America but EVERYBODY can also stand up and say hell no I won't go to a Ram's game if he is the owner IN AMERICA. That is precisely what would have happened if the NFL and the St. Lois Ram's allowed a hypocrite and a blowhard like Rush Limbaugh to own an NFL franchise in St. Louis.

Hey Limbaugh stick to Conservative political radio shows where the only people who listen to you do so to hear what ignorant comment will be coming out of your mouth next. You are simply the Howard Stern of political radio and this attempt at publicity and attention will hopefully last as long as your fleeting bid to own the Ram.s....less than two weeks. by Marc Serota/

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Indy Car Homestead Florida SpeedJam 300 driver Dario Franchitti racing on top again!!!

Chip Ganassi driver, Dario Franchitti back on top after clenching a victory in Homestead Miami Speedway while coming home with his second Indy Car title in his third Indy Car season.

What seems unreal in the sport of oval racing came to reality after witnessing a caution-free race this weekend at the SpeedJam 300 in Miami Homestead Speedway but moreso, a record book ending within points standing between drivers.

Dario Franchitti came out on top when changing race stragedy against championship contender,teamate, Scott Dixon and Penske Racing rival, Ryan Briscoe.

It was simply down to fuel, but a little luck in my opinion. Both teamate and fellow competitor Ryan briscoe had a great car and great opportunity to take on the win but lucked out with Dario's brilliant idea to reserve and save fuel.

My Thoughts:
It's good to see Dario back in Indy. He brings a lot of experience to the table. A year sitting out from an Indy Car and still showing he's got what it takes.

Next year is a whole new season though. Theirs a lot of talent behind the Penske, Chip Ganassi and Andretti Green Racing spotlight. With the introduction of more road course events on the Indy schedule next year, expect to see guys like EJ Viso, Justin Wilson, Alex Tagliani, that come from road racing backgrounds winning races.

Enjoy some of this weekends up close pictures at under the collection (Indy Car Homestead)

-Jonathon Ziegelman

Thursday, October 8, 2009

NFL week 5 Fantasy Football 'Studs & Duds' of the week

Ok so I am going to be partial to two games this week. First Ravens vs Bengals in Baltimore...although I believe Palmer and Ochocinco will have big days and are a must start so do I believe in the Ravens both on offense and defense. Ray Lewis (a good friend) is having an MVP year already and the rest of the defense makes scoring plays as well as Flacco is again earning his stripes game by game as a solid starter. other studs are... P. Garcon, K. Moreno, Matt Shaub at QB and Big Ben for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fantasy football duds include.... Brady, Mark Clayton, Chris Johnson and Ronnie Brown. Now having mentioned Brown., that brings me to the other partial game for me on Monday Night in Miami, Florida of which I will also be in attendance and have pre game tweets going out on @RRAMedia. The Dolphins have several sleepers on there team first on defense Jason Taylor who will become a monster again especially with Porter ailing as he is. Look for Rickey Williams to come strong again with double digit fantasy points and tight end Fasano for the slippery fish could come up big and have a TD on Monday night.

Other sleepers include..... Ahmad Bradshaw, QB D. Garrard in Jax, RB J. Harrison in Cleveland and Santana Moss. Stay far away from Crabtree and Braylon Edwards going all Braylon Edwards now that he is in NY. That means neither will add much to there teams until late this season.

also worth repeating.......avoid Favre and Sanchez as one is unproven still and the other has proven he can't last an entire season anymore.

attached a photo of the site of the Super Bowl - Land Shark Stadium in Miami, Florida February 2010.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miami Hurricanes blowing to #11 and Wisconsin blowing smoke on Blount suspension

OK after running the gauntlet of the toughest 4 game college football schedule to begin the season., the University of Miami Hurricanes are rite where I said they'd by just check my blog a few months ago...I even called the one loss to Virginia Tech (Beemer ball is tough especially in Blacksburgh). Now the Canes sit at number 11 in the country and are poised to be in it in the end, Imagine a head coach in Randy Shannon being a loss or two from being driven out faster than Bobby Bowden in Tallahassee and now after only 29 games as a head coach., he has brought his team clear of a murdered player, a riot on the field and loosing the only home this historic franchise has ever know....the Orange Bowl. Give this guy credit., he brought in the rite coordinators, started and stuck with the rite quarterback and kept his team close while still inflicting discipline. Miami seems to have a new tradition of singing and paying homage to the fans in the west end zone (great crowd by the way for Oklahoma) after the game and guess who lead the team in that.....yup Randy Shannon the next iconic head football coach at the University of Miami.

As for Jacory Harris., the kid is as cool as a cucumber under a pillow....hmmmmmm...whatever. He is a bonified Heisman candidate and I myself would just like to see him as a finalist to see him wear "a pink pimp suit and carrying a goblet" to the awards ceremony in NY. If he continues to carry his team...he will be there in the end but don't count out Tebow or McCoy just yet. You can (as I stated in my blog before the season) write off Sam Bradford (seen it in his eyes Saturday) he just has no fire this year injury or not.

You know I was also gonna have to say something more about the possibility of Blount returning to Wisconsin this season to play football after punching another player. Well I tell you what, this was not his first offense or even his second. This guy is always in trouble and after hitting another player AND going after players and coaches on his own team AND even going after fans......suspend at LEAST for the rest of the season. I have a 4 year old boy and he just started playing soccer and win, loose or draw the kids always shake hands after the game. It is called SPORTSMANSHIP and it is just a game. That is what we teach our small children and Blount needs to learn that as well. Heck we don't even keep score in our youth league because it is just a game. Players in the NCAA need to learn what my four year old already practices....SPORTSMANSHIP. Is the Wisconsin head coach smokin blounts or what...saying he has payed his debt...not to me. #NCAA #football photo and story by Marc Serota/

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Metalica concert in Sunrise, Florida at the Bank Atlantic Center was "HEAVY"

Yeah well it was literally off the chain as the sold out crowd saw a mixture of old and new good and great!!! someone in my office told me they were having trouble selling tix well no way dude the place was packed and as old as the boys looked the better they would sound. All I can say is the should be on tour and you all should catch a show as I haven't seen em since WOODSTOCK ( the second one that is) but they still rocked.

I kinda felt like a kid again at least a 27 year old kid as my boy from the old days Rob who is still at the local paper was there and we shared a drink before the show. Hanging out in the parking lot and BS-ing was really nice. Once the lights finally went out and we were on the stage elbows down and ready to shoot it was 1990 all over again.

As always a co-worker text me minutes before lights out to say 'hey turn around I am looking at your back from 20 rows up' looks like you have a nice view Serota. Then I shot some nice stills and some even nicer short video clips. see more here later and in the archive. attached are some simple screen grabs off the video clips from the Canon5D Mark II by Marc Serota/

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roman Polanski wants to get off....again

This is not an attempt at humor on a subject that is absolutely obscene. When I say the guy wants to get off....again., I mean he has been getting off for years after admitting to rape of a minor, being convicted and fleeing the country prior to sentencing without ANYBODY coming after him for decades. Now I consider myself an accomplished artist as well (not an academy award winning director of course), that not withstanding. I would be rotting in prison if I were that despicable. I thought to myself if I did not have a son of my own or if my wife and I were not expecting our first daughter or both would I be more sympathetic as the Polish and French government are being...hmmmmm...hell freaking no!!!! the guy raped a 13 year old girl for crying out loud...are you kidding me...send him straight to freaking jail. Also, what of the timing of it all., some say the USA should have grabbed him years ago and I whole heartedly agree but I don't really care "why now" If there is some hidden USA vs France or Poland agenda, again., I don't care why now...lock him up.

Straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.... lock his ass up. Once a pedophile ALWAYS a pedophile!!! If anybody believes a man like him could get away with a crime so despicable as this and NOT do it again is simply naive. Don't lock him up for his victim living in Hawaii now and not holding a grudge., do it for all the children since then and the ones he might still attack from today on. There is absolutely not two sides to this story, no extenuating circumstance's and no earthly reason at all to show leniency at this point...lock him up period.

Roman, if you care at all for the people you impress with your creative film work and the example you set when you are accepting awards in Switzerland while living a life of people that it is wrong to do what you did and do your time like a man. Even if you believe somehow you did nothing wrong., we do not live in ancient Rome or the wild west it is wrong to have a child not old enough to defend herself and we live on this earth governed by morals and laws.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great show at the Bass Pro as Jason Arnold's amazine Marine Life photography is a big hit in his coming out party!!!

RRAMEDIA's own Jason Arnold had a very successful debut during the launch of his new line of Framed fine art prints, apparel, and gift items of photos of game fish and marine life. Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World in Dania Beach, Florida was the scene of many people dropping in to receive autographs and merchandise. Over 250 autographs were signed of posters that were handed out.
The main question of Jason's amazing pieces of art work where just that "are these painting"? People could not believe that Jason's awesome photographs where actually photographs. That my friends is a compliment.

THE BEST PART....Jason is being held over for another day...he will be there all day tomorrow at Bass Pro in Dania Beach Florida.

Monday, September 21, 2009

This Saturday!

This Saturday September 26,2009 from 10am-4pm at Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World in Dania Beach, RRA-MEDIA's own Jason Arnold will be have an event to launch his new line of Framed fine art prints, apparel, and gift items, all made from Jason's vast archive of photos of gamefish and marine life. So stop in and check it out and possiblely buy something!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Washington "Tea Party" against Obama's Health Plan

OK so I took a couple of days after my experience at the Tea Party march down Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC last Saturday to think about the whole thing and listen to some who also have opinions (both Fox and CNN) on the matter prior to writing this blog. You see - I was there kinda by default as my 72 year old father who is admittedly against the health care plan decided he was going to the march with or without my mom to be counted and heard, and he asked me to join him and well, I was heading to DC anyway to cover the Ravens vs KC Chiefs game and work on a book with Ray Lewis so we decided to make it a father and son thing. In addition to the incredible insight a man of my dad's years has., he is a veteran and an extremely learned man who's opinion matters more to me than well Young kids chiming in, my wife who knows nothing of the plan and yes people who cannot be bothered to stand up and be counted and heard.

Now do not get me wrong., I did not have an opinion going into the rally either was because I am totally guilty of being one of those who could not be bothered to stand up and be counted or heard and I probably still do not have enough information to weigh in with a valuable opinion on the health care plan, but I DID PARTICIPATE and I DID PAY ATTENTION so here are my thoughts about Americans in general and there position on Obama and his plans. Obama IS trying his level best to do better for Americans when it comes to health care and I commend him for that. Having said that., is this the rite time to be tackling health care? our banking system, housing system, un-employment, overall financial crises and two wars raging on are all much bigger problems at this time and, are we really gonna try to tackle health care? and do it with a deadline of like next Wednesday?

There were tens of thousands of people admittedly against Obamas plan. Enough to get in planes, buses, trains and cars from around the country and show up and be heard. Whether you agree with him or not that is telling that there are major NOT minor issues with his plan. There were young and old, black and white, male and female of ALL races , colors and creeds in attendances. YES, there where fanatical, ignorant people with dumb signs and even dumber messages, but there were way many, many more smart , level headed, intelligent individuals with savy signs and important opinions as well. I thought it was funny to see a senior citizen tell a 13 year old kid with a sign "Hey get a job, pay taxes and then talk to me... what are you in kindergarden").

I must admit when I was embarking on my road trip and listening to people after Obama's speech I thought there was a tone of racism in the people against Obama's plan, and I am sure in many cases that was and still is the case. What I did not realize is that (in my opinion) there was an equal amount of reverse racism (if you will) in play with the sparse amount of African Americans in attendance as well. The small ratio of African Americans compared to all others in attendance was telling to me just by the fact that there must have been many African American folks who did not agree with Obama's plan who simply did not attend because they will support Obama at all cost regardless of whether his plan is flawed or not.

Either way both are just as wrong because we are all Americans with a huge stake in the President being successful at all his attempts to help bring us a better way of life for ourselves and much more importantly our children, so GET INVOLVED either way. I did in some small way and I am infinitely better for it. Walking off the plane in the airport in DC there was a full marching band and about 200 people there to cheer and honor 15 WWII veterans who got off my flight to attend the rally. Partisan politics aside, that was an incredible site and it gave me chills. Marching down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol building with thousands of other folks was an enlightening experience and it made me feel as alive as I have ever felt. I still came away with more questions than answers, more concerns than relief but now I have one thing I didn't have prior to going....HOPE because politics aside....people at the very least ....CARE. story & photos by Marc Serota/

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Miami Hurricanes will open the season 3-1 and be in the hunt".

Hello....I know you all saw the Canes grab victory from the jaws of defeat at FSU in Tallahassee on Monday. What you may not have seen was my college football prediction blog on Aug. 7 where I said "Miami will open the season 3-1 and be in the hunt". I know I know it is early, but with Va Tech screwing the pooch and Oklahoma's QB Bradford (also said he would not challenge for the Heisman) out and his favorite tight end target out I am lookin better and better. Here is a nice photo from RRA Media shooter Mark Wallheiser of Jacory Harris getting ready to go deap on the Seminoles. Take Miami and the points against Georgia home it is a good bet. Marc Serota photo by: Mark Wallheiser/RAw Media

Sunday, September 6, 2009

U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York - overhead areal view at 5,000 feet

This photo was shot from seat 21-F on Jet Blue out of Laguardia of the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York from an overhead areal view at 5,000 feet. I spent a couple of days shooting one of our juniors players and man the weather was great, the food was great and the tennis was really hot. In addition to pushing for America Andy Roddick who went down., I watched a young 14 year old junior we like named Vickery have to take her lumps at the U.S. Open. So the Crown Plaza was nice and I got to meet another young 17 year old junior named Stevens who won her first match of the U.S. Open today only less than a week after loosing her dad in a tragic car accident. The girl has tremendous heart and poise for a young lady.

On the flight back to FLA there was a young couple on the plane who got into a knock down, drag out fight at 35,000 feet from the time we boarded in New York, and the two wound up being arrested when we landed. Yup three Sheriff's boarded the plane and took their asses of for disrupting the flight. As I understand it those are Federal charges. Bummer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NFL wide receiver #18 Joey Galloway an running back Fred Taylor #21 of the New England Patriots

NFL wide receiver #18 Joey Galloway an running back Fred Taylor #21 of the New England Patriots pose for photos on the field of Gillette Stadium in New England for the #NFL experience Reebock photo shoot. The boys were great to work with and the campaign revolved around two journalist from Spain and England meeting the players and asking them about training. The New England Patriots will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the regular season in London, England. photos by Marc Serota /

#NFL Fantasy Football Draft Report 2009

Well all the big names are obviose, top ten will be Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, LT, Forte, Jones-Drew, Manning, Westbrook, Parker, Ronnie Brown, Gore and Jacobs(that's 11 but so what). Now at running back your second starter could very well be on the same team as your first starter. Ronnie Brown and Rickey Williams, Maroney and Fred Taylor or Sammy Morris take your pick. Cadillac or Graham in Tampa, Jacobs and Ward in NY, Parker and Mendanhall in Pitt, LT and Sproles or any other team as most of them have a one two punch.

At Receiver the song remains the same Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, A.Johnson, TO, Berrian, Welker, Santana Moss, Mason, C. Johnson, Houshmanzadah, Bolden. Now the real trick is figuring out who the sleepers are here, guys like Breaston, Ted Ginn Jr., Harline (from Miami) Galloway (now with Brady) and guys like that.

Now at QB allot of names to consider that you might not have last year like Flacco and Ryan and my shure bet sleeper is Chad freakin Pennington....pick him up. As I have said a few times run from QB's like Sanchez, Cullpepper, Leftwhich, Orton and Garrard. As for established guys like Favre, Hassleback, Romo and anyone fromthe Raiders or the Fourty Niners just three words "Proceed with Caution"
Stay tuned more tips to come. by Marc Serota

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sachia Vickery's Court

(photos by Julie Corte & Marc Serota)

Just a few images from our photo shoot with tennis star Sachia Vickery, some images from behind the scenes of the RRA Sports and Entertainment crew on the location making it all come together smoothly. Video and Portraits to come!

Dolphins - Panthers pre season recap

With the final score of 27 to 17 the Miami Dolphins took their second straight pre season win, improving on last game's performance and gaining more practice as the regular season nears. A pre season win should not be taken too seriously, but the elements that led to that win are what should be considered.

The Dolphins were able to put together some successful offensive runs and score 15 more points than they did against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The highlights of the game included the five Wild Cat plays executed, Lex Hilliard's impressive rushing performance and the solid play from the QB unit.

When Ronnie Brown lined up at QB with 4:42 left in the first quarter the crowd quickly realized that the Wild Cat formation was in effect and began to rock the stadium with excitement and anticipation. The first and second tries didn't go too well as Brown went for a 3-yard rush followed by no gain, but the final three tries had more success - an 11-yard run by Ricky Williams, a 4-yard gain by Ronnie Brown and a 35-yard flea-flicker pass to Patrick Cobbs by Chad Pennington.

It is still debatable whether the Fins should or should not have used the Wild Cat in the pre season as teams can now study their plays even before the season starts. On one side you have the element of in-game practice, which are essential for proper execution during a regular season game, and on the other is the element of eliminating surprise since teams now have seen it all. It's likely that the Fins will scale back their Wild Cat plays in the last two games and keep a few tricks up their jersey sleeves, reserved for the real season.

On another note, Lex Hilliard continued to impress on Saturday night with 9 rushes for 52 yards and 1 TD along with 2 catches for 11 yards. His future with the team is still hanging in the balance as roster cuts approach. NFL team scouts were undoubtedly eyeing him, including scouts from the Cowboys and Vikings, so should he be cut there are takers already in line. With Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams and Patrick Cobbs loading up the RB position there seems to be no room for Lex. His explosive power runs may not be enough to earn him a spot on the Dolphins with the RB situation virtually locked up.

Speaking of locked up, the Fins quarterbacking core had a great showing overall as they combined for 20 of 30 in completions and 184 passing yards. Depth is now a viable word to describe Miami at the QB position. Pat White played in the second quarter, while Chad Henne played the entire second half - a change from last week's game that gave White and Henne different looks at the game. With two games still left in the pre season, expect Sparano to switch around Henne and White some more and give them a variety of situations to handle in preparation for the season's start.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

not so perfect storms....

(PHOTOS Mark Wallheiser)
A tropical storm warning was issued for coastal communities of the Florida Panhandle and the northeastern Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Storm Claudette took aim on the area later today, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.

Claudette, with maximum sustained winds of about 50 miles per hour, was about 40 miles west-southwest of Apalachicola, Florida, and moving northwest at 14 mph as of 5 p.m., the center said in a statement. Rainfall of 3 to 6 inches is forecast for the Florida Panhandle, central and southern Alabama and the southwestern part of Georgia, with isolated areas getting as much as 10 inches, the center said.

Elsewhere, Tropical Storm Bill, which formed late yesterday, is moving west in the Atlantic, while Ana, the first named storm of the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season, was downgraded to a tropical depression as of 5 p.m. New York time, the forecasters said. Bill may become a hurricane tonight or tomorrow. Looks like Bill will be generating a nice swell for surfers from Florida to Nova Scotia by next weekend!

Ying and Y. E. Yang the Tiger slayer.


The unheralded South Korean Y. E. Yang became the first Asian-born player to win a men’s major golf championship. His final-round 70, two under par, put him eight under for the tournament and gave him a three-stroke victory over Woods (75) at Hazeltine National.

Yang, dressed head to toe in white — yes, even the belt and the shoes — took the lead from Woods, his playing partner, by holing out for an eagle on No. 14. Woods missed crucial putts all day and failed to make a charge over the final four holes.

The tournament turned at the par-4, 301-yard No. 14, when Yang holed out from the rough just right of the green to take the lead. He repeatedly pumped his right fist after the slowly rolling ball dropped into the cup.

Both players bogeyed the par-3 No. 17, so Yang took a one-shot lead to No. 18. Then Yang, using a 3-wood hybrid from about 206 yards, nearly hit the flagstick with his approach shot on the par-4. He made a 10-foot putt coming back for birdie, while Woods bogeyed.

A jubilant Yang lifted his golf bag over his head as if like it were the Wanamaker Trophy, which goes to the winner.

Woods, a four-time P.G.A. champion, was two strokes ahead when the day started. He had never lost a major when leading or tied for the lead after three rounds.

Before Yang’s stunning shot, he and Woods had been tied three times. Both were six under at the turn. Woods nudged one shot ahead with a birdie on No. 11, a 606-yard par-5 that he reached in two and two-putted from 30 feet.

But Woods gave the lead back on No. 12, a long par-4 that has been the toughest hole on the course all week. He drove into the left rough, sent his second shot through the green, and missed a 20-foot par-saving putt on the right. On the par-3 No. 13, Yang remained tied by getting out from a greenside bunker and holing a 10-foot putt.

For the second consecutive week, Harrington played himself out of contention with a disastrous hole in the final round. Trailing Woods by one shot Sunday, Harrington, the defending champion, dumped two balls into the water on the par-3 No. 8 for a quintuple-bogey 8. That dropped him from six under to one under.

Harrington skied his tee shot into the pond to the right of the green. After taking a one-stroke penalty, he pulled his next shot left of the green into the rough, nearly beaning his playing partner, Stenson. Then Harrington chipped through the green into the pond, incurring another penalty. Dropping another ball, it took him two tries to get onto the green, where he made a 6-footer.

No one else made a sustained run at the lead. The United States Open champion Lucas Glover reached six under before bogeys on Nos. 6, 8 and 9 took him out of it. Soren Kjeldsen, four under at the turn, fell off with two double-bogeys on the back nine. Westwood got to three under, three shots back, with a birdie on No. 14, but pulled no closer.

Through the first four holes, Woods lost one stroke to par while Yang gained one to tie him for the lead.

But Woods got up-and-down from a greenside bunker on No. 5, while Yang bogeyed after landing his second shot in the rough. That put Woods back in front, one stroke ahead of Yang and Harrington.

Yang had rolled in a 12-foot birdie putt on par-5 No. 3 to vault past Harrington and Glover into second place. Then Woods, who has not birdied a par-3 hole all week, three-putted from 35 feet for bogey on the par-3 No. 4, missing a 4-footer for par. He later bogeyed No. 8 after driving into a bunker.

Woods could not convert two early birdie chances. On No. 1 he read a left-to-right break on an 8-footer, but the gingerly struck ball never turned and slid by on the left. On the next hole, faced with an 18-footer, Woods read the left-to-right break perfectly, only to watch the ball roll over the right edge. Annoyed, Woods crouched and raised his putter over his head.

Like Yang, Glover made some early noise. On No. 3 he knocked his third shot to four feet for an easy birdie, then added another birdie on the par-4 No. 5 to temporarily tie Harrington at six under par. But Glover dropped back with a bogey on No. 6, a par-4. Harrington, who went head-to-head in a memorable duel with Woods last Sunday at the W.G.C.-Bridgestone Classic before a double bogey on No. 16, parred his first seven holes.

It rained some overnight, but the P.G.A. did not need its weather contingency plan. The first twosome of the final round was actually a onesome. Sean O’Hair went off on time Sunday morning at Hazeltine National, and blue skies and sunshine greeted the early groups as they played down the front nine.

Friday, August 14, 2009


For most rockers and aging hippies, the 40th anniversary of Woodstock this weekend will be a happy occasion. They may recall love freely given, heads sporting muddy but flowing locks of hair and the electric notes of Jimi Hendrix’s “Star-Spangled Banner.” But for the rock ’n’ roll industry itself, the anniversary elicits more mixed sentiments.
That’s because the music business finds itself in an Alice in Wonderland version of reality that emerged long after the 1969 music festival.
The three-day concert, which attracted more than 350,000 people, was initially a financial disaster for its producers. Yet through the subsequent release of a live album and an Oscar-winning documentary, Woodstock’s architects were eventually able to make a profit.
Today, the economics of rock music are inverted. Yes, major labels like Warner Music, EMI, Sony and others still ply their trade by signing aspiring artists, persuading radio stations to play their tunes and then selling the music in stores or on the Web. But the spoils are increasingly accruing to those who handle the mechanics of concert tours and festivals.
Consider the arithmetic of Woodstock. The event was organized by Woodstock Ventures, whose principals were Michael Lang, John Roberts, Joel Rosenman and Artie Kornfeld. For a ticket to all three days of the festival held on a farm in Bethel, N.Y., the promoters charged $18 in advance. When adjusted for inflation, that would be about $106 in today’s dollars.
Now compare that with the price of admission to Bonnaroo, the jam-band festival held every June in Tennessee; or Coachella, the alternative music extravaganza that takes place in April near Palm Springs. Three-day passes cost $250 and $269 respectively. Moreover, both festivals attract rich sponsors like Budweiser, Heineken, AT&T, Whole Foods and others looking to reach a young and hip clientele.
Famously, few who attended Woodstock actually paid to get in — a tenth of them, according to the event’s promoters. And as many as 18,000 of those who did buy advance tickets later received refunds because they had been unable to reach the concert grounds on Max Yasgur’s farm after the roads leading there were closed to traffic. With festival costs of $3.4 million — including Mr. Hendrix’s relatively modest $18,000 fee — Woodstock Ventures was in debt to the tune of $1.6 million after all the litter was removed from the farm.
And here’s where the entertainment industry, then entering its heyday, swooped in for the kill. Warner Brothers received exclusive distribution rights to the documentary Michael Wadleigh shot for about $100,000. In exchange for the rights, the concert’s promoters took a $1 million flat fee, plus a small percentage of the back end. Within a decade, the film took in more than $50 million in box office receipts, of which Warner Brothers earned $16.4 million.
And then there was Woodstock, the album. A year after the festival, Atlantic Records, now a subsidiary of Warner Music, released a $14.98 three-record compilation, which sold more than two million copies that year and topped Billboard’s pop album chart. A sequel released the next year instantly went platinum.
Concertgoers no longer clamor for slickly produced documentations of their musical experiences. Why would they, when they can record concerts on their phones or their hand-held Flip video cameras? They’re all bootleggers now.
And even those who would rather enjoy a concert outside the lens of their cellphone can view free versions of many events on YouTube.
All of this has conspired to push more of the financial pie to the concert itself, a fact not lost on the recorded music industry. That helps explain why Warner Music, for example, has been acquiring stakes in companies like Peppermintblue Entertainment of Australia, which offer a wider array of services to artists than those traditionally provided by record labels.
It is also the reason Ticketmaster and Live Nation are trying to merge and create a vertically integrated concert promoter, ticketing service and artist management group. Of course, with economics gravitating to these parts of the music business, it is also why legislators, music industry rivals and even artists like Bruce Springsteen oppose the deal.
So much for peace, love and rock ’n’ roll.